TEAM Austin!

Meet Austin! 👋
Austin is a very active 9 year old boy. He loves chicken nuggets, Super Mario, and playing video games with his sister.

The Autism Society of Mahoning Valley is one of the only organizations in this area for individuals with autism and their families to recieve support, assistance and to attend many sensory friendly activities.

Together our family hopes to raise funds to continue the programs, education, awareness, and acceptance the Autsim Society of Mahoning Valley has created to encourage connections and support for our families living with or affected by Autism.🩵

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Amount Raised713.00
Members1. Brandon Tutoki - 108.00
2. Jon Jones - 150.00
3. McCollum Veronica - 30.00
4. Chris Tutoki - 325.00
5. Mark Natale - 100.00