Mahoning Valley Warrior Competition


Mahoning Valley Warrior Competition – 9:00am-11:30am (approx)
Ultimate Warrior – $85
Are you Tough Enough! Challenge yourself by being in 5 Events and Compete to be the Mahoning Valley Warrior! One Male and One Female will be selected.

Warrior Competition will be judged on a point system to give all athletes an equal chance at winning. So if you’re a fast runner and quick through the Ninja course, but not able to lift as much you’ll get points there versus a good powerlifter who may not be as strong in running and obstacle course.

Top Male and Top Female will each win a $500 cash prize and a Warrior Championship Belt.  Warrior Medals given to 2nd and 3rd Place Male and Female participants.

  • Warrior Competition Schedule:1st Event – 9am – 5K Run
  • 2nd Event – 10:30-11:00am – Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course
  • 3rd Event – 11-11:15am –  Individual People-Powered Tractor Pull – You will be pulling by yourself an 1,800 pound Ford 1300 Tractor on a level, paved course of 100 feet.
  • 4th Event – 11-11:30am – Strongman Event #1- Strongman Max Log Clean & Press – Click HERE for Details
  • 5th Event – 11-11:30am – Strongman Event #2 – Strongman Max Atlas Stone Load – Click HERE for Details
Registration Cost is $85 and Includes performance shirt if registered by 5/17/2021 at midnight.
Online Registration is now closed. You can register at the event. Thank you for supporting the 2021 Autism Warrior Event!