FriendlyFacez LLC

This will be FriendlyFacez first year at the Mahoning Valley Warrior Event, and we are so excited to be able to participate at the resource fair! FriendlyFacez hopes to raise $100 for the event, and will be providing colored hairspray and colorful tinsel, while informing our service’s and dedication to the community!

FriendlyFacez mission is to provide services to ALL children in a sensory sensitive, & safe, and adaptive environment! Where they can receive haircuts & more, with no worries– BUT, lot’s of LOVE!

We are a sensory sensitive children’s mobile salon currently, while in the process of creating the area’s first sensory salon suite experience!

We are so excited to be apart of this amazing event, and community!

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Amount Raised90.00
Members1. Alyse March - 90.00