Farmer Carry 

11:15-11:30am (approx) –  Farmer Carry 

Farmer Carry- Carry the farmer handles 50ft down and back. Score is the amount of time that it takes to complete the event.

Farmers will be 50lb dumbbells
Farmers will be either 75 or 100lb dumbbells


Performance shirt guarantee deadline if register before 5/16/2022 at midnight. 
Online registrations are now closed.
Register event day starting at 8am for Valley Autism 5K and Mahoning Valley Warrior Competition
or 9am registration starting for Walk, People-Powered Tractor Pull and individual Strongman events.
New registrations all events and shirt pickup days:
- June 2nd - 3-6pm - Second Sole, Boardman
- June 3rd - 2-4pm - Canfield Fairgrounds - Building 22