DeGennaros Octo Squad

Please join us as we support Warrior Mahoning Valley 2022, The Autism Society of the Mahoning Valley and all individuals living with and affected by autism in our community.

Did you know that the Octopus has 3 Hearts, 9 Brains and Blue Blood? It is no wonder that our son Dante loves this animal! He is 12-years old, thinks the Octopus is one of the best creatures in the world and teaches us every day that people with autism can be the most empathetic, smartest and amazing people you will ever know!

We are very fortunate that Dante is able to share his thoughts and feelings with us so we walk today to hopefully help others realize that just because a person with autism may not be able to talk or react in a typical way does not mean that they don’t feel or understand the world around them. If anything, they feel and understand it more than we do. They need programs like the ones that the Autism Society provides along with the many other sponsors at the Warrior Event who help those with autism reach their best potential and give them a voice!

Amount Raised478.00
Members1. Sam DeGennaro - 100.00
2. Mary Kate Hacker - 75.00
3. Erin Berenics - 103.00
4. Katie DeGennaro - 100.00
5. Katie DeGennaro - 75.00
6. Katie DeGennaro - 25.00
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